I am a Mexican published international photographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I was born and raised in Mexico City where I acquired my passion for photography and graphic arts.

Growing up in the vibrant country that is Mexico I developed a unique style in the way I capture our world through my DSLR.

My interest in creating, invoking and expressing emotions along with concepts through photography and digital art combined with an ever growing desire for traveling brought me to the middle east where I became a freelance photographer always looking for new creative challenges.

I specialise in Wedding Photography and building Model Portfolios but I also do a lot of travel photography and I am very experienced in retouching artwork whenever needed.

When I’m not photo-shooting or travelling, I spend a lot of time on my Mac post editing photos in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop; plus I keep myself updated in all things related to photography, design and new technologies.

In my Dubai Photography Blog you will find reviews about photography gear, software, photography techniques, some model and fashion talk and Dubai photography related topics.

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